QRYO | Dynamic Air Compression Recovery Boot

QRYO | Dynamic Air Compression Recovery Boot

QRYO | Dynamic Air Compression Recovery Boot

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OPTIMA Football’s “QRYO” Recovery Boots maximise your warm-up, recovery and performance.

Using dynamic air compression, the QRYO helps increase circulation, reduce swelling and revitalize muscle. Therein, ensuring faster healing, increased wellbeing and improved performance.

The QRYO is designed with an industry-leading eight (8) overlapping chambers, ensuring consistent, comfortable and effective pressure distribution.

Six (6) different modes ranging from basic (relaxation massage) to advanced (compression-decompression for athletic performance/recovery) – allow the user to customise settings to meet their specific need(s).

Furthermore, a pressure range of 80-260mmHg sets a performance benchmark amongst competitors.

For athletes requiring a portable option for their travels, the QRYO ensures high performance is accessible from anywhere. Included within is a rechargeable 5200mAh battery and all important travel-case.

The QRYO presents as one of the most advanced dynamic air compression systems on the planet. Having delivered consistent, profound results in recovery and performance, there’s no secret why it’s trusted by the top athletes across the globe.


Recovery Boot Material



21 x 13 x 8.6cm / 2.5KG

Pressure Range


Power Supply

5200mAh Lithium Battery

Air Chamber(s)

8 Chambers

Operation / Operating Mode(s)

LED Touch Screen / 6 modes


12 months